During the Covid-19 lockdown in the City of Tshwane, homeless people and those caring for them experienced dramatic and large-scale change, taking place over the course of a few days. This report documents the impact, response to and some outcomes of these events. It also offers recommendations based on collective lessons learnt.

Some of the overlapping or repetitive reflections also serve to demonstrated the interconnectedness between different actors and sectors; the complexities of responding well to street homelessness in the city; and the absolute necessity of collaborative approaches, if we are to find and develop innovative solutions.

We are convinced that Covid-19 provided us with an opportunity to make significant gains in how we understand collaborative, evidence-based responses to street homelessness. Failing to capitalize on these gains, will be at our own peril, as a collective, but the greatest victims will be those who still live on the streets of Tshwane.