Author: Ezekiel Ntakirutimana

Housing challenge and urban regeneration: A contribution of faith-based action with special reference to a case study from the City of Tshwane

The main objective of this article is to describe a problem portrayed into critical human conditions in urban margins characterised by the deprivation of most basic human needs, housing in particular. This is undertaken in search of alternative ways that promote a bigger plan of urban regeneration while exploring whether faith-based action makes a special..

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Precarious housing in the Salvokop neighbourhood: A challenge to churches in the inner City of Tshwane

This article describes the daunting challenge of precarious housing in Salvokop located in the southern part of inner City of Tshwane, Gauteng Province. Insecure tenure, unmaintained dwellings, overcrowding, mushrooming of backyard shacks and the rise of the informal settlement, all that led to deep levels of vulnerability and neighbourhood deterioration. Current conditions show that life..

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