This special edition was sub-edited by Stephan de Beer (University of Pretoria) and Hannelie Yates (North-West University)

This series originally appeared in the HTS Theological Studies/ Teologiese Studies 75(1), 2019

Multidisciplinary meetings: Listening to the experiences of children in a child and youth care centre

Adults for good reason agree that children should be protected at all times. However, in their attempts to help children who are vulnerable, adults should be cautious of cultivating a…

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Adolescent girls’ voices on their need for sexuality education: A cry for mutual sexual emancipation

‘Teachers expect parents to teach you. Parents expect teachers to teach you. So actually you learn nothing and nobody wants to talk about it’. This quote from this research study…

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An integrated African pastoral care approach to unaccompanied refugee minors based on Verryn’s Child interventions

The African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ has been compromised and exposed by the migration of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URMs) from Zimbabwe to South Africa. Written…

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Engaging children as ‘agents of change’: The Grahamstown Scout Group

This article, as a narrative, offers a ‘learning journey’ of the Grahamstown Scout Group, and reveals how ‘the child’s right to participation’ (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the…

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Doing theology with children through multimodal narrativity

Doing theology with children, in a systematic and focused way, is a new practice. This article contributes to this theological practice by examining its emergence, nature and mission and proposing…

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Doing theology with children: Some challenges for adult theologians

Doing theology with children, which includes children as equal participants in the process, is no easy task. Adult theologians face many challenges in becoming involved in doing theology with children.…

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Research with children as theologians: Ethical and methodological issues

In this article, I explain why it is important for theologians to involve children in empirical research, and why children themselves can and should be considered as ‘theologians’. Therefore, I…

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Towards emancipatory research methodologies with children in the African context: Practical possibilities and overcoming challenges

Despite having international and national legislative frameworks and policies that guarantee children’s rights and encourage their participation in matters affecting them, consulting children has received scant scholarly attention in the…

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Doing theology with children: Exploring emancipatory methodologies

This article serves as an introduction to a collection of articles that explores emancipatory methodologies for doing theology and research with children. We focus on both the agency and the…

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