sub-edited by Stephan de Beer (Centre for Contextual Ministry) and Shantelle Weber (Stellenbosch University)

This series originally appeared in the HTS Theological Studies/ Teologies Studies 72(1), 2016

Doing theology with children in a South African context: Children as collaborators in intergenerational ministry

The vision of Child Theology Africa is to advance a child-friendly continent by doing theology with, for, about and through African children. In this article…

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Children as theological hermeneutic: Is there a new epistemological break emerging? – Nico Botha

Children are the great omission in theology. The objective of the article is to show that there is a growing realisation of this reality. More…

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Theology disrupted: Doing theology with children in African contexts

The thrust of this article is an attempt to respond to the question whether we can read and interpret the bible in Africa from the…

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‘Children must be seen and heard’ – Doing postcolonial theology with children in a (southern) African Reformed church

Taking theology to the African children needs to start with a serious engagement of the colonial experience that African Christianity, communities and families were subjected…

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Theology disrupted by the challenge of refugee children

This article focuses on the plight of refugee children and families and takes the form of a dialogue between an academic theologian and a community…

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Rethinking sin and evil through the life of a child sex slave

This article rethinks (original) sin and evil through the life of a child called Engela who has been ‘sold’ into sex slavery. Focus is placed…

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Providing mentoring for orphans and vulnerable children in internally displaced person camps: The case of northern Nigeria

The challenge of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) has become central to the response of many organisations (UN, UNHCR, AONN, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, etc.) today.…

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Unsettling Theology: Sunday school children reading the text of the Bible in the age of recolonisation

During Women’s month in South Africa (August), a group of Sunday school children from the rural congregation of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa…

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